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Moving Tips
Moving can be a very stressful time, but we’re here to make it easier by providing moving tips to help make the BIG move go more smoothly. 
Preparing for your move
·  Change your address online at
·   Contact magazine publications to change your address for your
·  Transfer all your utilities, including your phone service
·  Contact your renter’s insurance company
·  Transfer medical and school records if you are moving out of the area
·  Clear your safety deposit box
·   Use up your perishable food that you don’t want to move
Packing Supplies
·   Inventory list
·  Lots of boxes (You’ll need more than you think so get extra to save
   yourself time from making an extra trip to get more)
·   Boxes can be purchased at your local moving supply store or you can get
   them for free from a local book store or grocery store. Book stores break
   down their boxes so you’ll be able to fit more in your car. Let them know
   ahead of time so they can set them aside for you.
·  Packing tape with hand roller dispenser
·  Bubble wrap
·   Markers
·   Unprinted newsprint paper to protect your items and it won’t require you
   to wipe or wash your items when you unpack. 
·   Mattress covers to protect your mattresses from getting dirty or ripped
   during your move.
·   Shredded paper for cushioning
·   Box cutter
·  Clear garbage bags
·   Hand truck
·   Gloves
·    Furniture dolly if moving heavy loads
Other helpful packing and moving tips
·   Pack ahead so you’ll be less stressed on moving day
·  Create a packing schedule so you can break down the huge moving tasks
   into small manageable ones. Target one room at a time and give yourself
   an allotted time to keep you on schedule.
·    Make your move an opportunity to get rid of your clutter and get
   organized! Donate, sell or throw out things you don’t need and organize
   what you want to put in storage.
·    Label your boxes with the location they should be unpacked so movers
   will know where to put your boxes.
·    Number your boxes with the order they should be unpacked. For
   example, “Bathroom – 1” will be filled with your bathroom necessities
   that should be unpacked first.
·   Keep a detailed list of all your boxes and its contents so you can keep
   inventory of all your items so you will know where everything is when
   you reach your new home. On this list you should have 2 columns, “Box
   Name and Number” and “Contents in Box”.
·    Keep boxes 50 lbs or less and pack heavy items in small boxes and light
   items in big boxes
·    Pack a personal box for each person with things you’ll need right away
   when you get to your new home (sheets, towels, tooth brush, cosmetic
   case, pajamas, a toy for your child, etc.)
·    Pack important documents, medication and valuables such as jewelry in
   a back pack and keep it close with you. Don’t pack it with the rest of the
   items in your moving van.
·    Wear an apron with pockets on moving day for quick access to a marker,
   packing tape, a small note pad and pen. You’ll appreciate having these
   essential packing items at your fingertips.
·   Move on a weekday. There will be more parking available and all the
   stores will be open for any last minute items.
·    Have a basic cleaning kit ready for the final clean up as you are leaving. 
   Also vacuum each room as it is emptied.
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